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Tender Toes May 23, 2007

Introducting your TenderToes yarn collection.


TenderToes ™ are soft cotton or cotton blends (wool and wool blends do apply as well) yarns perfect for babies.

Booties, socks, hats,whatever you choose, we will have the prefect yarn for you.

Most of the TenderToes ™ collection will be in pastel solids colors. BUT…

as always we do accept custom orders on our TenderToes ™ yarns as well.

Our supplier is in the process of sending out a few extra samples of different yarns she has found. We are buying these in bulk so weight and yardage is 100% negotiable.

To my fellow EtsyMom street Team members. I would like to invite you to accept our discount offer, if you offer knit or crochet baby booties (or hats, mittens, etc.) in your Etsy shop.

email me for more info on discount rates.


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