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Another new sock July 20, 2007

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Love this SeaCell 🙂 🙂

Found a supplier and just waiting a return call 🙂 🙂 🙂

but first here is my lil beauty. I prefer ankle socks even in winter (even my *gasp* commercially bought ones)

(I will write out the pattern soon to)




awwwwwwwwwe July 19, 2007

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they remembered my Dilly Bear!

Now I really cant stop crying!


Right after i got the call I prayed to heaven to tell Dilly he better meet Gpa at the pearly gates…

and I have offically lost it today…

but omg I should not be on here I really need to get the hosue cleaned.

talk later



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Look what I made tonight!


Felted Soap!

(scents are: Sweet Pea, Lemon & Jasmine Vanilla)

They will be listed on the shop when they are completly dry.

I also dyed a few yarns, but need to recharge the batterirs in the camera first.

Watch for more great Tippy Toes yarns


test July 18, 2007

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DARN! that did not work in either place. hmmmmmm…..

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For Roxanne

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ok I know I know its boring simple colorway but it what i wanted to dye this loucious Seacell/merino yarn in.

So I got this Blank yarn from Roxanne… well actually she did it in 2 socks @ once

http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5097833§ion_id=5104801 )

for me 🙂

and I died it nice and bright: Fushia and Lime!!!!

well let me first say… the very first impression of this yarn is YUM YUM! I need it for MY shop. *giggle*

So from the mill they said needle size is 2-4.. SO I tried a 3… right in the middle right. umm not happy with that. I think I am going down to a 1 and staying there. oh my gauge was 7 sts per inch on US 3.

but that is THE ONLY gripe I have with this yarn. YUM YUM YUM! oh and washing it was pure joy, my house did not smeel like a wet sheep *giggle*

ok so here are the pliminary pics. (I just frogged it thu because that was on US3)




lmao poor mailman July 17, 2007

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Or Normal mail lady must have went ddown to part time now, sooooooo it turns out that our sub mailmal is our old mail man. I went to high school with his brother so I knew him before that but he is sooo great. well anyway… He always lol at the amount of packages I got in the mail. so of course he had to comment on it again now that he is our mailman again.

BUT my mail box over runneth yesterday and today

I have to take pics yet but a few are from






and http://hideandsheep.com…..


LOVED every single tid bit of the packages.


Pinzance update:

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I have been working in the yard cultivating seeds from my annuals. I am slowly but surely getting them listed

we have pansy’s, columbine,snap dragons, marigolds and more more more