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About Us April 30, 2007

Wimzy Pinzy Creations is an online shop that mainly features our handpainted yarns specially designed for sock knitters.

however every so often I do include many of the crafts that I have known and loved forever.

A bit about me.

I am a mother/wife, beautician, yarn dyer, knitter, crocheter, soap maker, jewelry maker… well I do just about every art craft.

See my mother felt it was important to keep my sister and I always crafting. That began when I was very small.

All the crafts we do are not new to us.

I have also started this tradition with my own children.

My oldest loves to draw, make his own crayons, & he is an excellent soap maker.

My middle son is a fabulos painter, and we are working with him to grow his love of abstract art (its totally how his mind works)

And my Daughter… well she is my girly girl, she is learning my loves of shoes, purses and many more of my loves. She is a bit small for some crafting yet, but she is always asking where her coloring paper is *giggle*

So how did I get to dyeing yarn?

Well by trade I am a beautician, who specializes in hair coloring. So when I was making alot of wool soakers for my children I decided to dabble in dyeing my own yarns. It was so much fun. But then I put it to the side when I found my mentors yarns…well and I began knitting socks not soakers.

My friend, who own Zen Yarn Garden, got me hooked. after years of buying her wonderful sock yarns, we were discussing it one day and she told me to go for it, to dye my own sock yarns. Well , out of respect for her I just could not. So months and months later I finally caved.

As she says…”the bug hit me”

So I created WhimzyPinzy Creations.

Why the name?

I wanted something that said FUN! So we decided on Whimzy… because….

my family nickname is pinzy (long story). so it just fit

and here we are today loving every minute spent dyeing, drying and reskeining all the yummy sock yarns.


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