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new item June 30, 2007

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These were inspired by my neighbor, when she popped over yesterday to help her decide which shoes she should wear.

She and her dh were going out *gasp* without the kids…

lol ok inside joke there.

but here they are:


These are available NOW




Tiger Lilly sock yarn June 29, 2007

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with slippedstich DBF sock pattern… thus far…

(well actually not quite, basis is the same but I decided to do cuff down. I normally always do toe up)



so excited

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I ordered something awesome to go with each and every skein of yarn , and hopefully we will continue to do so.

the seller cpnvo’d me and let me know they were just shipped 🙂 so watch out for our new addition to our yarns.

I am so excited. I am a huge fan of this product and want to share it with everyone!


In my mail box… June 27, 2007

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2 Headbands from Corrinna.


the pink one is exactly what I wanted.

I am sooo very happy.

I dont know but this could be a new shopping addiction. I am really loving the feel of these headbands.

She has the twin of one of mine listed..GO BUY IT NOW….


For dd

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 I decided to make a tiny bikini top for dd late last night.

isn’t it adorable.


shes so funny , she calls it her bra.

she says, “like mommy”

I am making another for her in a cotton/elastic yarn so it will hold up better in the water.


Ozone day

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being new to the whole asthma thing, we thought it best to keep ds1 inside today rather than let him go play when the humidity was so high.

I was hoping my yarn shipment would be here today… but when the post lady came NOPE..

so I got out my jewelry supplies. I have not done it in a bit.

lol went a bit crazy. lol Forgot how much I love that too.

so I made 4 rings today


However since I have soooooooooooo many of each of these beads and wire I decided to upload these to the new etsy shop.


I still cant wait to get my hands in the dyepot thu… so hopefully tomorrow.

So make sure you keep checking


for when our new yarns are up.

thinking of going BOLD again 🙂


Etsy categories June 25, 2007

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I ran out of availbale categories in my etsy shop, so we started a subsidary of WPC.


we will be moving our ready made items over to Pinzance and keeping WPC for knitting,crochet, spinning supplies.

Bear with us thru the switch.

I really did not want to move this route but only a certain number of categories are alotted on etsy.