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My mailbox today May 31, 2007

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LOVE everything!

I will post the links later.


Growing! May 30, 2007

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I have been asked to make up a batch of my brown sugar scrubs, so later today I am going to prepare a batch for Etsy as well.

These will only be on made to order basis because of the all natural ingredients.

We do not add chemicals to prolong shelf life.

I have to order more containers, but these will be available in 1/2 oz and 4 oz sizes.


Treasury! EtsyMoms May 28, 2007

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Come check out the EtsyMoms Street Team Treasury.




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I have another SaraKate on the way.


isn’t it beautiful.

I dont think she realized what a purse-a holic I am.



Another new product May 25, 2007

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long before


Another new product

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long before we opened WPC we were creating stock.

The very first items we made were soaps.

Well the time has come and they are fully cured 😉

I will be listing them soon

About our soap making:

My mother was always crafting with my sister and I, and soaping was one of the things we did commonly.

now they were not always pretty, but they were ever so useful in the house. And mom always proudly displayed our child soapart in the main bathroom *giggle*.

Well I started the same tradition when my oldest son was just 2. I started him off with melt and pour because it was just easier. He was my dye and fragrance man.

well we have progressed over the years to use gma’s awesome receipe…. which meant…REAL soap.

I have been experimenting over the last 5 years creating my own recipes.

We love making soap!

Currently some fragerences I have are:

linen breeze,


tea tree,

lime verbena,

jasmine vanilla,

sweet pea,

and  Bay rum.

oh and I make a sweet coffee soap, but my sister keeps stealing that away.

I am going to be ordering more soon, these are just our favs around our house that I buy ALOT of.

lets see for bases I have

an awesome olive oil soap (my gmas recpie),

goats milk

and because ds1 likes to help,

 a simple glycerin recpie.


Whimsical tender toes

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