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Moving! July 27, 2007

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I am moving this blog to a new location!!!!!!!

(this will still be available for archives)

Please change your bookmarks



FOUND IT!!! July 26, 2007

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Went searching for the notebook I always wrote down the kids measurements in (as they grew) so I could keep track of how big to make their wool soakers.

I am so pumped. I have so many more mesurements in here than I thought.  I even have a LARGE area in it where I took gauges of every yarn I had. Dont hate me but I truely do love to gauge.

the notebook is about 3.5 years old.

Its not pretty as I know for sure its been in storage for the last years (lol it never got unpacked when we bought this house), but it still has alot of my own collected Data that will sure help out with dcp_00312.jpgmore soaker making.



Sock Darning July 25, 2007

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Many have asked, and  the answer is NO you dont have to throw out your beautiful Hand knit sock.

Darn them like Grandma used to

Yes it seems like a PITA… but you will feel so good after.



My mother July 23, 2007

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She cant stops sending me new craft ideas lol lol lol

this was the one wshe was telling me about when she met us at R’s Baseball practice today.

dcp_0010.jpg It is a prayer rock!

She reads alot and love historical tidbits. well she found that throughout many different religions one thing appeared in many of them. PRAYER rocks!!!!

So of course she got it in my head and I could not let it go lol lol

I added one to Pinzance already.



Another “NEW”

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well its not a new crafts for me I have been making alot in the last 7 years, but new to WPC….

can you guess?


***btw…only 3 of these yarns were handspun by me***



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Woolgirl is stocked!

Run to check out all the great yarns we have sent her 🙂



magnet day July 22, 2007

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so all the grandparents were jealous I gave my mom the magnets with the kids pics on so we had to make more for them today…

(Oh and I started then their own blog Personalized Magnets )

but I got carried away and made these to…

we have knitting related ones….




my sons hands… get it Etsy… made by Hand….


And ones for ETSYMOM